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Unlocking the power of stories with Microsoft

Designing 9 Unique Stories

We partnered with McCann North America to design interactive storytelling experiences for Microsoft Unlocked, amplifying human-centered stories of innovation. Using 9 exclusive layouts, we transformed each unique story into a vibrant sensory journey with thoughtful interactivity.

Designing layouts and components that foster story immersion

Microsoft Unlocked is a destination dedicated to celebrating innovation in creativity and inspiring the world through stories. Embracing the concept of technology as a tool to break barriers and ignite change, we have created unique layout concepts and storytelling components for selected articles that immerse users in captivating narratives, cultivate empathy and share Microsoft’s unique perspective with the world.

The Colors of Inclusion

Celebrating Pride with Microsoft

Colors of Pride is an invitation to keep and make more Pride by sharing stories, open-sourcing the Pride Flags campaign design, and supporting various LGBTQIA+ organizations. Microsoft is taking a stand for LGBTQIA+ visibility by, among other initiatives, reintroducing the Xbox Pride controller and teaming up with GLAAD to enhance LGBTQIA+ representation and storytelling in Xbox games.

Amplifying the Stories of Pride

Our objective was to design an interactive journey of discovery and connection with the diverse stories of the LGBTQI community.

We created a captivating introduction animation that immersed visitors in a collection of Pride flags, inviting them to explore the community’s stories through interactive engagement with the Xbox Pride controller. By hovering over individual flags on the controller’s skin, users could learn more about each flag and the stories of the people belonging to these communities.

Additionally, we offered an immersive carousel experience, enabling users to delve deeper into the world of flags and their meanings. Each flag was accompanied by a personal story from a community member, enhancing inclusivity and accessibility with a transcript synchronized to the narrator’s voice.

The story of a fading language


By the End of this century, an alarming 90% of the world’s 6,500 languages may fade away forever. AdLam shares the inspiring story of two Fulani brothers who create a script for their native language, which is threatened with extinction. Through collaboration with a global community of researchers and technologists, they leverage digital preservation to safeguard and breathe new life into their language and the culture embedded in it.

Designing a journey of active discovery

We designed a layout that radiates a vibrant and revitalized spirit, representing the language and its culture’s rejuvenating essence. Our objective was to lead users on an exhilarating journey, fully immersing them in the language and culture through active engagement.

Throughout the experience, users can interact with video content and a multisensory translation tool, creating a playful and audio-rich exploration of the language. Moreover, the font preview component offers the ability to customize font characteristics, providing a whole new way to experience and use the script.

In order to encourage active participation in preserving and spreading awareness about the unique linguistic heritage, we’ve incorporated a component that allows users to download and share a collection of Adlam postcards. These Adlam Characters postcards are styled to pay homage to the vibrant African heritage, each serving as a visual celebration of the script’s cultural significance.

Promoting a mindful use of technology


With lockdown blurring the lines between work and personal time, we face new challenges in using technology mindfully. The story of Mindfulness offers a reflective space to think about how we can intentionally use technology in our lives, fostering heightened awareness and a sense of well-being among people.

Nurturing the moments of introspection

Our aim was to create an interactive scrolling experience that engages users in a series of mindful activities, prompting them to reflect on their relationship with technology.

To achieve this, we created an interactive exercise that presents thought-provoking questions, allowing users to visualize their current mental states. Depending on their responses, a 3D model would either appear tense and distressed or more serene and tranquil.

Furthermore, we provided users with a unique opportunity to explore the impact of technology on their brains. Using a dual state visual representation, they could compare brain activity with and without technology use, gaining insights into how technology impacts their minds.

Composing an anthem of hope for wounded veterans

Invictus Games

The Invictus Games Foundation had teamed up with Microsoft on inviting a group of wounded veterans to participate in the Invictus Games, an international sporting event for wounded, injured and sick servicemen and women — not through playing sport, but through playing music. With assistive technology, the remarkable Karl Hinett and Emma Lumb compose an anthem of hope for all, breaking down the barriers that mobility and movement limitations present to musicians.

Recreating the profound experience for all

We designed a user journey unfolding through a series of purposeful components. By harnessing cutting-edge technology and human-centered design, we developed a unique storytelling experience that empowers users, regardless of their abilities, to compose their own anthem.

Through seamless integration of device recording capabilities and the potential of head tracking technology via camera recording, our vision was to transport users into the emotional realms experienced by Karl Hinett and Emma Lumb. By recreating the profound sensations they must have felt, we sought to make each user the protagonist of their own inspiring tale.


Some of the layouts and stories presented here are conceptual and were never produced.


ADLaM has been awarded 2 Cannes Lions Grand Prix, 2 Gold, 1 Silver and 2 Bronze.


Art Direction & Designs by Antinomy
Development by Instrument
Creative Direction & Production by McCann NYC

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