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8,888 unique Mekas who need drivers.

Antinomy has been collaborating with MekaVerse since 2021, helping them enhance their digital presence through custom design and development solutions.

From a custom minting experience to an immersive gallery and a headless Shopify e-commerce platform, we've supported MekaVerse in launching products at a rapid pace that few NFT collections have achieved.

A website that thrives on new launches and updates

To allow for constant updates as the MekaVerse team builds, we designed a modular homepage that can accommodate new launches, updates, and news.

To present the team's design and craftsmanship in a visually stunning way, we're using full-screen images, videos, and APNGs.

Minting experience with Miinded Studio

Claim & mint

Working closely with Miinded Studio, we created the minting and claim process for all new collection drops in this NFT project.

We used Web3 and Ether.js to execute functions of the Solidity Contract and sync it with our front-end.

Shopify implemented seamlessly


By utilizing the flexibility of our headless Shopify solution, we were able to easily integrate their e-commerce into the website without having to redirect users to external sites. The webshop is fully integrated with the rest of the site for a seamless user experience.


We displayed the diverse world of MekaVere in this custom gallery, featuring the 3 collections of the MekaVerse lore.

Bypassing OpenSea API rates limits


We utilized the OpenSea API to show all traits as filters, however, due to the hard limit on API calls and a maximum of 50 results per request, we came up with a Python script that downloads all data and save it in a JSON file.

This enabled us to bypass the limit and create our own API that allows us to search or filter a large database of 8k+ NFTs without any loading times.

A new take at NFT staking

World Map

The World Map is a revolutionary way to stake NFTs in the MekaVerse. Instead of a classic dashboard interface, we partnered with the MekaVerse team to create a dynamic world map that immerses users in the lore.

By exploring the map and sending their NFTs on expeditions, which lock them for a specific duration, users can earn rewards such as rare NFTs or physical items from the shop.


This tool is an easy, playful and modern way for the NFT owners to customize their collectibles.

This website was the first step of their digital rebranding and the beginning of the collaboration between MekaVerse x Antinomy. Our challenge was to create the right graphic direction, while freeing ourselves from what had been done so far.

The website is using the OpenSea API to verify if the user owns MekaVerse NFTs. If they do own a Meka, they are redirected to the selection page and otherwise, to a fallback screen.

Personalizing NFTs with user-uploaded images


The Canvas2D API allowed us to apply personalized backgrounds on the NFTs by masking out the silhouette and applying a user-specified image. This can be one of our predefined options or an image uploaded by the user. The final product is a high-definition image of the NFT that can be shared on social media.


We used Figma and After Effects during the design process, Vue.js (Nuxt.js) as a JavaScript framework, Shopify and DatoCMS.


Design & Development by Antinomy.
Smart Contract by Miinded.

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Web3, Digital Experiences, Brand & Identity

Design, Development, Motion Design