Exhibition Magazine

Roles: Design, Development

Exhibition is a Paris–based print and digital platform operating at the intersections between self-expression, boldness, and beauty.

At the beginning of 2021, Exhibition contacted us with the request of creating an online platform for them. Through close collaboration, we have brought their vision for a digital platform to life. The result is a unique user experience, with a minimal feel and a primary focus on visuals, brands, and contributors.


In conceptualizing Exhibition as an online format, our aim was to translate the essence of the magazine without simply creating a digital copy of the original. Our first step was to imagine how we could convey more diverse content, engaging a larger audience but without compromising on the aspects that had helped grow the magazine's (sizable/cult) following. With this in mind, we created the website to have a strong mobile and tablet experience and through this, we were able to share Exhibition’s digital vision to its fullest potential - while staying true to the magazine's identity.

Reinventing the magazine digitally.

We worked in collaboration with Exhibition to fully understand their digital goals. Their aim was to be able to communicate at a more frequent rate and on a broader set of subjects - in contrast to the print magazine which is published bi-annually. Together we explored different ways to display content and navigate the site that would make this vision a reality. Through this, we were able to build a completely bespoke experience, inspired by - but uniquely different from the print magazine.

A fluid visual experience build on Prismic, with a powerful search solution.


Our aim was to recreate the familiar experience of flicking through a print magazine within the website. We focused heavily on the search engine we implemented, creating a system that allowed users to browse through articles based on both tags and contributors. With access to related articles by searching just singular words, users can now create unique paths through the site. Now users are able to dip in and out of content with ease, allowing a seamless and self-directed content-based journey - just as a print magazine would.


We used Figma as principal design tool, Vue.js (Nuxt.js) as front-end framework, GSAP for animations and Prismic as headless CMS.


Design & Development by Antinomy.

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Exhibition Magazine

Roles: Design, Development