Roles: Development, Animations, JavaScript

SpaceX was founded to revolutionize space transportation.

In June 2020, Hillary Coe, Creative Director at SpaceX, reached out to us to finalize the new SpaceX website. Along with implementing interactive and animated elements, we helped turn the initial prototype into an immersive platform with an enhanced user experience.

Developing animations for a space exploration company.

We joined the SpaceX team after some of the initial development work had already been completed. However, the website was still lacking key interactive elements — including scrolling animations, hover states and interactive sliders.

After being given full creative freedom, we experimented with effects that would add lightness and emulate a feeling floating — like parallax movement on the hero images.

Creating a guided storytelling experience

A central component to the site are a series of infographics explaining the various phases of the SpaceX missions. In collaboration with the brand's design team, we transformed these infographics into a fully interactive and animated storytelling experience.

To help visitors understand the infographics and guide them through the experience, we added subtle animations that mimic signal waves traveling through space.

We created a highly animated website without compromising on front-end performance.

Managing animation performance

The website was built to accommodate a large audience and perform well on a wide range of devices and browsers. To ensure a smooth experience for everyone, we optimized the site based on device capabilities.

We implemented a system that recognizes a device's computing performance power and adjusts the number of animations and scroll effects displayed accordingly.

Going above and beyond.

Once the site was completed, we helped the SpaceX team integrate the final assets and worked with their API to build the Careers page.


No framework or build tools have been used; the website is static HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.


Design by Hillary Coe.
Front-End by Shane Mielke.
Development by Antinomy.

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Roles: Development, Animations, JavaScript