Roles: Design, Development

We crafted a new website for The Perturbator on the occasion of the release of his new album, “Lustful Sacraments”.


French artist Perturbator reached out to us again in 2021 to create a newly re-designed version, promoting his new album release “Lustful Sacraments”.

The Legend says he's half human, half synthesizer.

The idea was to re-design the new website following the art direction of the new release. We wanted to highlight the album artwork, and deliver a bold statement using big typography and a full-screen layout.

Well, that's fun

When we released the first website, we wanted to add a few easter eggs and jokes across the website. First, the initial version of the site was desktop-only. So we had a screen that said “Fuck you if you’re on a mobile phone”. We kept it on the new one.

We also had a “Konami Code”. If you type the code on your keyboard, it’s gonna replace all colors with rainbow colors and replace all the images on the site with his portrait. Go and try it!


We used Figma and After Effects during the design process, Vue.js (Nuxt.js) as a JavaScript framework, GSAP for animations and Netlify as CMS.


Design & Development by Antinomy.

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Roles: Design, Development