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Redefining education in the realm of Web3

Making Web3 accessible to all

In the face of the intricate complexities of the new digital landscape, MetaMask embarked on a transformative mission to make Web3 more accessible and comprehensible to all.

With the aim of facilitating widespread adoption of blockchain technology, MetaMask collaborated with Antinomy to create an unparalleled digital platform dedicated to educating people about Web3.

The goal of MetaMask Learn is to demystify the terminology, explore the limitless potential of Web3, and empower users to embrace this revolutionary technology with confidence.

Enhancing comprehension with interactive and engaging design

Redesigning the existing platform

The heart of MetaMask Learn's mission is to provide a user-friendly and captivating experience that answers the question, "What is Web3?"

Antinomy worked closely with the MetaMask team to completely redesign the existing platform, ensuring a cohesive and visually appealing interface across all pages and components.

Illustrations and real-time 3D

We redesigned all the existing 3D illustrations with a fresher look and leveraged the power of WebGL and 3D in the browser to make the experience even more interactive and engaging.

Becoming familiar with Web3 without any risks

Hands-on simulations

To make the learning experience truly immersive, each lesson was redesigned with improved interactive and scrolling components. This approach not only makes the lessons easier to follow and comprehend but also infuses them with a playful and engaging element, resulting in a more exciting study environment.

Every lesson is complemented by a hands-on simulation, giving users a practical glimpse of the user experience they can expect using MetaMask products, all without exposing any actual valuable assets to risk.

Additionally, we supported the MetaMask team with designing two extra lessons that explain the concepts of bridging and staking cryptocurrencies, further providing users with the knowledge and confidence to venture into the realm of Web3.

Understanding the Web3 vocabulary

Interactive Web3 library

Through an engaging web transition, we invited users to explore and become acquainted with the terminologies that dominate the Web3 space. Using a straightforward summary and comforting color accents, we designed an interactive library that facilitates a better comprehension of the crypto realm.


We used Figma, After Effects and Cinema 4D during the design process, React.js (Next.js) as a JavaScript framework and Three.js as WebGL library.

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MetaMask Learn


Design, Development, WebGL