Roles: Development, Animations, JavaScript, Responsive

Handsome is a creative agency based in Austin.

After a successful collaboration on Page/, Handsome reached out to us in April 2020 to develop their new portfolio.

Once we got a sense of their focus and style, we worked together to create a portfolio site that captured their spirit and expertise.

We were responsible for all aspects of development — front-end, back-end, animations and interactions.

A dynamic space.

The site centers on six pages — Home, Work, About, News, Careers, Contact — all working together to create a cohesive + riveting window into the world of Handsome.

Handsome wanted to start off with a bang, by featuring an eye-catching reel showcasing their projects on the landing page.

Thanks to a comprehensive CMS, we made it easy for the team to add case studies and news updates.

Scroll down to discover more about Handsome’s services and who they’ve worked with.


We used a custom JavaScript framework wrapped around Highway.js while using WordPress as a CMS.


Design by Handsome.
Development by Antinomy.

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Roles: Development, Animations, JavaScript, Responsive