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“In life, when a thing works better, usually it is more beautiful to the eye.” — Enzo Ferrari

Designing an exclusive behind-the-scenes platform

We partnered with film powerhouse NEON on unveiling an exclusive behind-the-scenes look into Michael Mann's Ferrari.

Our role was on crafting and bringing to life the official Ferrari movie website, working hand in hand with the creative minds at NEON. We also delved into innovative social media content explorations following the art direction of the site.

Setting the Art Direction

Infusing vibrant digital hues and striking contrasts, we elevate the visuals, encapsulating the intensity and essence of the film.

Serving as the pre-loader state of the site, we integrated a dramatic loading screen that establishes the mood and anticipation for the movie.

“One must keep working continuously; otherwise, one thinks of death.” — Enzo Ferrari

Chapter-Based Format Catalog

In crafting this design, our goal was to create easily navigable pages presented in a captivating storytelling and chapter-based catalog format.

Encompassing photography, behind-the-scenes footage, EPK videos, and interviews, we drew inspiration from print design, implementing a two-column grid format for impactful hero moments.

Our focus was on achieving a timeless, user-friendly, and clean aesthetic, ensuring enhanced legibility and a seamless user experience.

Easy Access to Galleries

Highlighting around 45 captivating images from the official movie photography and offering a glimpse behind the scenes in the movie-making process, the site provides swift access to galleries with a simple click on any image within the platform.

“The client is not always right.” — Enzo Ferrari

Social Media

In addition to shaping the web design, we extended our creative touch to social media explorations, leveraging the meticulously crafted layouts established in the design phase.

This approach guarantees a seamless and consistent brand presence across Ferrari's various marketing platforms and social media channels.

These social media explorations have not been retained by the client.


We used Figma during the design process, Vue.js (Nuxt.js) as a JavaScript framework and DatoCMS for content management.


Produced by NEON
Design & Development by Antinomy
Visual assets, photography and videos by NEON and Michael Mann

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Ferrari Movie

Digital Experiences

Creative Direction, Design, Motion Design, Development