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A shop and play hybrid e-commerce experience

CAMP reached out to us in 2022 to redesign their e-commerce platform in order to unify the overall experience and services they offer through a mix of immersive themed experiences, programmed activities, digital media, and curated product collections.

Over the past years, CAMP has expanded from a single NYC storefront to an omni-channel family-owned entertainment brand that continues to deliver fun and innovative experiences that are designed to be enjoyed by the entire family.

Capturing the hearts of kids and adults

Typography & Color

The visual design of the website is bold yet playful, using large typography and a colorful color scheme to convey the fun of CAMP. The display font is strong in its dynamic rounded corners and lively proportions, creating a fun energy in bold cuts.

The paragraph font counterbalances this through its elegant shape and high legibility. “CAMP’s cream” provides a clean background color for brighter hues to pop off from. All in all, the design is meant to make both kids and adults happy.

A fun search experience

We designed a modular user flow to allow users to find their perfect gift: the Gift Finder. Using interchangeable modules, we guide users through a series of questions, delving into the recipient's age, personality, preferences, and more. From favorite subjects and colors to gift size and budget, we leave no stone unturned to ensure you find the perfect match.

Building bridges between the physical and digital realms
In-store magic meets digital is an extension of their in-store experience where they offer both specialty products as well as ticket sales for their many experiences and activities.

The brief was clear: their mission as a brand is to make family time more meaningful, more creative, and more fun. They believe that families shouldn’t have to go far to create meaningful moments and the essence of their own existence is to give families the power to make any day unforgettable.

That is why their detailed-oriented thinking gives an extra value to the overall brand experience they are offering to their customers. Going to one of their shops or visiting their website should be a seamless adventure.

Fluid e-commerce experience for young explorers

Responsive Design system

We designed with a mobile-first approach and thinking to ultimately offer a consistent experience whether you are shopping on your laptop, on a tablet or a phone.

This flexibility now allows the client to convert customers through their countless social media interactions, collaborations, capsule collections and events, as well as attracting both kids of all ages and their parents and family, in a fluid experience that feels like an exploration.


We used Figma and After Effects during the design process.


Design by Antinomy

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E-Commerce, Digital Experiences

Design, Motion Design, Responsive