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Amsterdam-based brewery Butcher's Tears

An Artisanal Brewery

With roots steeped in a rich tapestry of Swedish farm brewing and honed by England’s ale and porter virtuosos, Butcher's Tears represents a harmonious blend of traditional European brewing techniques and an audacious non-conformist spirit.

Since its inception in Amsterdam in 2011, the brand has showcased an unwavering devotion to rare artisanal methods, creating beer signatures that transcend time and trends. The question that arose was simple: How do you craft a digital space that pays homage to such a legacy?

Adorned with hand-written signs and lively illustrations

Recreating the brewery's atmosphere

At the heart of Butcher's Tears is its brewery – a space teeming with authenticity, hand-written signs, and vivid illustrations that narrate the brand's journey.

Our challenge was to replicate this tangible atmosphere into the digital realm. By leveraging high-definition imagery, meticulous graphic design, and immersive user interface techniques, we recreated the brewery’s ambiance.

As users navigate the site, they're not just browsing; they're taking a virtual tour, feeling the wooden barrels, hearing the murmurs of the brewery, and immersing themselves in the Butcher's Tears experience.

A digital flagship store emphasising artistic nuances

Butcher’s Tears’ Canvas

Antinomy crafted a website that encapsulates the soul of Butcher’s Tears, emphasising its artistic nuances while ensuring a smooth e-commerce experience for its global clientele.

We approached the website as if curating a digital gallery. Immersive visuals, strategic layouts, and meticulous detailing became the canvas for Butcher’s Tears’ narrative.

By leveraging the lesser-known aspects of European brewing, we gave viewers an experience that was both educational about the brand and enticing.

Mirroring a blend of tradition and innovation


Drawing from the rich European beer culture, we incorporated deep, warm hues, interplaying with bursts of black and white sections, mirroring the blend of tradition and innovation that Butcher’s Tears embodies.

Recognizing the brand's unique character, we delved deep into typographic art. The chosen fonts resonated with the handcrafted appeal of artisanal brews, giving an edgy yet sophisticated look, ensuring that every word on the site carried the weight of the brand’s storied heritage.

Headless Shopify

While aesthetics were paramount, functionality remained a cornerstone. Ensuring that users could easily purchase their favorite brews was a priority. The e-commerce platform was interwoven subtly, ensuring that the user journey remained uninterrupted, yet intuitive.

The result is a website that not only stands as a testament to Butcher's Tears’ legacy but a proud collaboration with a brand that we reinterpreted as a digital form with a unique yet familiar identity.


We used Figma during the design process, Vue.js (Nuxt.js) as a JavaScript framework and Shopify for the headless e-commerce.


Logo, photography and illustrations courtesy of Butcher's Tears.

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