Blok Watches

Roles: Design, Development, Motion Design

Swiss Made, Kid Proof

Inaugural timepiece

We partnered with Blok, a brand new Watch company based in New York City. We guided them throughout their launch by creating a custom-made e-commerce experience, truly unique to their brand identity reflecting what Blok stands for: sustainable authenticity, collectibility, knowledge, independence, confidence, and fun.

We designed a playful headless Shopify around their inaugural timepiece, the Blok 33, a Swiss-made analog wristwatch with a unique time management system for kids. The site features image sequences that play and animate the Blok 33 as you scroll and helps the user understand how their proprietary rotating bezel functions.

Headless shopping experience without limitations.

Blok is a D2C web-only selling brand. The challenge for us was to design an immersive, playful e-commerce site, which doubled in functionality as a simple and intuitive shopping experience and communicator of the Blok identity. The brand’s goal is to bring kids’ watches to the highest quality level: we therefore wanted to reflect this character in a high end experience that honors the brand universe, features and design details.

We integrated the Shopify Storefront API deep into our JavaScript framework, allowing a flexibility of customization without losing core Shopify features.

We know we must protect the magic of dirt.

Following Blok's brand notion of 'we must protect the magic of dirt', we developed a playful web design that celebrates this feeling of being young.


We used Figma and After Effects during the design process, Vue.js (Nuxt.js) as a JavaScript framework, DatoCMS, Headless Shopify Storefront API, , Lottie and GSAP for animations.


3D video by Santi Zoraidez
Imagery & Copy by Blok Watches
Typefaces Type 1451 by Lineto Foundry & Rand by Optimo Foundry
Design & Development by Antinomy

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Blok Watches

Roles: Design, Development, Motion Design