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Alicia Moore is a timeless brand born from the desire to create beautiful simple garments for all women to wear anytime, anywhere.

Founded in 2021, the Spain-based brand is creating comfortable and bold clothes with styles to match for contemporary women.

Alicia Moore reached out to Antinomy to rework her brand identity and e-commerce website for the launch of the new collection.

After a few months of work, we’re proud to release the result of this collaboration.

A new identity reflecting the brand’s vision and values.

A full rebrand. A new start.

Alicia Moore’s dual Spanish and British heritage defines her work as a designer, taking elements of her Mediterranean background and mixing it with British influences.

We wanted to showcase this dual heritage in her identity, mixing a clean and minimalistic logo with an authentic monogram inspired by the Mediterranean classical shapes.

Once we defined the direction and values of Alicia Moore, we designed 5+ logo directions and variants in order to create the companion materials, including typefaces, colors, business cards and labels.

The modern feminism direction we took is representative of a mix of the luxury codes while being accessible and creative. The pale colors we used evokes the soft authentic Mediterranean style of the clothing line and give a more contemporary and cosmopolitan vibe. The same minimalistic approach and codes are translated on the labels we designed.

We created a timeless minimalist shop for contemporary garments.

How we translated the brand identity and values of Alicia Moore into a custom ecommerce website

Similar to the identity, the site is a minimalistic and contemporary mix using interaction concepts that give it a unique high-end vibe.

While respecting the constraints of a simple UX to give the best and most simple buying experience to the visitors, we built a headless site using Shopify for the shop and DatoCMS for the content management.

It allowed us to create a full custom-made website with the highest level of quality in terms of front-end.


We used Figma and After Effects during the design process, Shopify Headless with Storefront API, Vue.js (Nuxt.js) as a JavaScript framework, CSS & GSAP for animations and Dato as CMS.


Brand Identity, Design and Development by Antinomy.

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Alicia Moore

Brand & Identity, E-Commerce

Brand, Design, Development